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Young Life is known around the world for our incredible resort properties built just for kids. This summer, we get to experience the best of the best at Malibu Club, Clearwater Cove, Wilderness Ranch, Beyond Malibu, and Lake Powell!
2019 Summer camp registrations are now open!

Malibu 2015 Web.jpgWyldLife - Clearwater Cove - June 7th-11th
Students from the Class of '23 & Class of '24 and their WyldLife leaders are headed to Clearwater Cove, a property built specifically for middle school students near Lampe, Missouri on the famous Table Rock Lake.  They'll enjoy time on the lake as they jump off the boat to wakeboard or pludge off "The Barge" - our floating jungle gym with rope swings, trampolines, and water slides. Check out the video here

Malibu 2015 Web.jpgYoung Life - Malibu Club - June 5th-13th
High school students (Class of '22 and older) who have not been to Malibu previously and their Young Life leaders will make the trek on planes, boats, and buses to Malibu Club, an incredible property located off the coast of British Columbia, Canada where snow capped mountains stretch straight out of the ocean. Enjoy the zip lines, mountain bikes, and ropes course that climb the side of the mountain or wake-board, kayak, sail, and swim in the pristine waters of the Princess Louisa Inlet - one of the top ten yachting destinations in the world. Check out the video here.

Beyond Logo.pngYoung Life - Beyond Malibu - July 19th-28th
Guys from the Class of '21 get to experience Beyond Malibu - like no other place on earth.  You and your Young Life leaders will venture to a remote inlet miles beyond Malibu Club to begin an adventure exploring the rugged mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls of
British Columbia, Canada. It's truly an out of this world experience that very few people will ever have the opportunity to encounter.

Wilderness 2015 Web.jpgYoung Life - Wilderness Ranch - June 22nd-29th
There's nothing quite like Wilderness Ranch. Girls who have already had an opportunity to go to another week long YL camp and their Young Life leaders will leave the world behind, grab our gear, and hike out to explore miles of backcountry near Creede, Colorado. It's truly a once in a lifetime experience with a small group of friends that you just can't replicate anywhere else.  Check out the video here.

Wilderness 2015 Web.jpgYoung Life - Lake Powell - June 1st-6th
Among the towering cliffs of Glen Canyon on the Arizona/Utah border sits Lake Powell - a massive lake with thousands of miles of coastline ranging from sandy beaches to vertical cliffs climbing hundreds of feet above the water.  Current students who have had a previous opportunity to attend Wilderness or Beyond Malibu will board houseboats and explore everything the lake has to offer.

Wilderness 2015 Web.jpgYoung Life - Saint John - US Virgin Islands - June 1st-6th
The only way to describe this trip is, "Once in a Lifetime."  Created specifically for the guys in the Class of '19, they'll spend their time in private accomodations, relaxing on pristine beaches, snorkeling in turquoise blue waters, and island hopping in Jeeps - all while preparing for the major life changes on the horizon.

Work Crew - Young Life and WyldLife Camp is made possible by teams of volunteers made up of high school and college students from around the country.  Each summer, more than 2,000 high school students volunteer on Work Crew as servers in the dining hall, washing hundreds of loads of laundry, maintaining our impecable grounds on outdoor crews, and so much more.  They will tell you it's the hardest work they have ever done and the greatest month of their lives all at the same time.  If you are interested in serving on Work Crew, contact your Young Life leader to start the process.
Trail West Family Camp - Families from Southwest Austin are joining us at Young Life's Trail West Lodge in Buena Vista, CO. It's an incredible week and a family vacation like no other!  When you're not busy braving the ropes course and climbing wall, rafting through class 3+ rapids, riding horses to a sunrise breakfast. or peaking a mountain, just relax while catching fish at the trout pond, splashing in the pool, or working on your golf game - your frisbee golf game that is.  Unlike any other family vacation, EVERYTHING is taken care of for you and EVERYTHING is up to you.  For more information, visit trailwest.younglife.org


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